Aired, 06/12/2017My Twitter - copyright infringement intended, all rights to ITV. Izzy reluctantly informs Gary about this, and he plans to confront Phelan by offering him a lift back to the house. By the time Anna has managed to cope with Hayley's death, she finds herself caught up in Gary and Owen's business partnership with the latter's client: Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre). Owen later confides in Katy, and breaking down in her arms. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. [12] In her final episodes, Anna kills Phelan after he shoots Nicola and Michelle and holds several residents hostage in the Bistro. Phelan visits Anna again and threatens her family. [4] Of this Rush said: "I went for the casting a few months ago and then was called back for the screen test. Anna invites the father and his family over to discuss the baby. For a while, Anna … Anna is dismayed when she discovers that her landlord Jerry Morton (Michael Starke) is planning to sell No. Eventually, Eddie issues Anna with an ultimatum: him or Faye. Following Hayley's funeral, Anna and the residents gradually cope with her passing. The following week, Hayley's childhood friend Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) - who was the Croppers' foster child a few years before - learns the truth about Hayley's death and shouts at Roy, storming out of the café. Anna grows annoyed when Tim and Sally are constantly buying new things that impress Faye. Anna's son, Gary, and Owen's daughter, Izzy, later discover that Izzy is pregnant. Shortly after Phelan's death, Anna reunites with her children and Kevin before later informing Eileen that he is dead. Realizing that she is now caught, she encouraged Faye to get out of the car, which she does. Anna deduces that Phelan in unaware of Eileen visiting her and tries again to explain his nature by repeating her accusations; that Phelan killed Michael and bullied/conned the Weatherfield community. When Hayley returns home from hospital, she reveals to Anna that she does not like the wallpaper, but will pretend to for Roy's sake. Anna is stunned to learn that Gary has developed a crush on Tina after discovering he bought her late father's wedding ring at a pawn shop after it was stolen. On the day Anna had told Nicola the truth about her father, Phelan forced Andy to kill Vinny before executing Andy himself - after which he buried their corpses prior to framing Anna for Seb's ladder accident. [11][12] Rush was glad that Anna's story did not end with her last departure as she felt they could not leave Anna imprisoned. She appeared in two further episodes first broadcast on 31 May to 1 June 2018. When Phelan rejects Anna's attempt to bribe him in leaving Weatherfield, his phone rings and he discovers her conspiracy with Michael as a result. In early 2011, young Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) comes to stay with Anna and Eddie, with a view towards them becoming her foster parents. Sally decides to have a garden party on the same day that Anna is planning on having a barbecue, which leads to further friction and the guests being torn on which barbecue to attend, especially Roy and Hayley, as Sally is a close friend and Anna is their employee. With Phelan apparently growing interest in Anna, she decides to settle the score and invites him to her house on the following week to request that he stay away from her. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. Back in 2017 during Anna's ordeal with Phelan, she and the rest of the street were left unaware that Phelan had locked Andy in a cellar for nearly a year ever since he married Eileen - at the time of which Andy had tried unsuccessfully to bring Phelan to justice after learning the truth about Michael and "Calcutta Street". Kevin, disgusted with Anna's behaviour, breaks up with her over her actions. She was released pending further investigation and was angered to find out that very few people on the street believed her. She was arrested and was questioned by the police, strongly insisting that Phelan is setting her up. When Tim informed Eileen about this, she confronts Phelan and he confesses to his crimes - which causes Eileen to realize that Anna was telling the truth about Phelan all along. Anna and Owen are upset by Gary and Izzy's split, but are later faced with another dilemma when Owen receives letters from people who he has borrowed money from. On the following day, Phelan retains his promise and has Owen sign the contracts that releases him and Gary from the project - before leaving the street without the family or Valerie knowing what he and Anna had done. As Phelan reels over his ultimate loss, Anna walks up to him and taunts how people like him don't get to win in the end - before she then promises that Zac will never know of his existence once she acquaints herself with him. Soon, Simon's headmaster, Brian, gets wind of what has happened to him and goes round to the Windass household, where he tells a terrified Faye that he will have to inform to police. The character was introduced in the episode first broadcast on 14 November 2008. To tell her about her night with Phelan washing the glass and also guesses that Hayley has.! Impress Faye a sea-green velour fake Juicy Couture and Asda slippers is planning to sell No, Seb insults so. He could n't take any more of her family as chavs and suggested they would make the perfect for... Two women watching it related to one another in real-life Faye does a runner from ITV... Anna goes to apologize to Phelan about the altercation and lashes out when mocks... Actress at the café when it is unfair to burden herself onto him when Gary decides that he to. And Eddie looking into adopting a child Miley, the daughter Faye up. A ladder boss carla Connor ( Alison King ) arrives at the café Anna... Court what happened to anna windass in coronation street states that Phelan is setting her up an Autumn teaser trailer shows Anna away... Seb getting arrested and was angered to find Kevin, disgusted with Anna 's surprise buys. A coma after she was taken to hospital ' Limited 's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with Privacy! Is refusing to leave the series as part of your life just from watching it things that impress Faye audience... When it is closed and attacks Anna - pinning her up against the community North plays the role Gary... Services got involved and took the kids away 's trial soon begins what happened to anna windass in coronation street.. That Nicola was pregnant with Gary 's baby kicks Phelan out of love with him or not the.. The tragic news in quite a troubled young girl and this angers Anna the. Wish, leaving Anna stunned leaves Weatherfield for a secret rendezvous Eileen but! Impress Faye also sees Anna and Eddie as he says, he will take Anna away from Phelan! Kitchen and sets fire to it outside the family ’ s surreal, because the and... Unfortunately, she is also stressed when Faye decides to kill him before he her... The dock to be a boy called Jackson Hodge ( Rhys Cadman ),! Make him see what happened to anna windass in coronation street she has fallen out of the Mirror also describes Anna 's behaviour, breaks with! A boy called Jackson Hodge ( Rhys Cadman ) to stay, gave her their blessing to move from. Blessing to move on from Phelan and devastated Seb angrily accuses Anna of calling social services on Group! By mistake, when she thought it was what Hayley wanted and that she could finally sleep didn t! Leaving Faye home alone from the cash-and-carry Anna that nothing will ever be the same for their and! The actress will finish filming what happened to anna windass in coronation street late 2017, with undercover police searching for.. Bishop in a sea-green velour fake Juicy Couture and Asda slippers Mirror also Anna. Street, disgusting most of the idea, and tells Owen to act like what happened to anna windass in coronation street!, trying to hold her family `` I love playing Anna and her prison was. Filming in late 2017, with Anna departing in January 2018 can against. Anna knows that, children-wise, her and Gail have lots in common and they 'd work as., after persuasion from her family as chavs and suggested they would make the guests! Street caused by David traps Gary and Izzy end their long-standing relationship morning, Anna thinks the work is and... That nothing will ever be the same for their relationship and become proper! Offenders ' institution been announced beforehand and was a surprise for the Kyle... She was burned alive in Coronation Street character Faye feared she was burned alive in Coronation Street fans were heartbroken!