His mouth, which is usually covered up, contains extremely pelican eel-like … Privacy Despite his loyalty and devotion to her, Linlin sees Katakuri as a lowly child of hers and will not tolerate him interfering with her business. Debut: [12] Katakuri is almost always calm even in the most perilous of situations, as it is necessary for his mind to be clear in order to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki. Katakuri then told his younger brother Daifuku to form two pursuit teams to go after the Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates. he has same clothe/style. In the 4Kids English adaptation, his name is spelled Roronoa Zolo, and he is voiced by Marc Diraison. Although he works to eliminate enemies efficiently, Katakuri is ultimately an honorable fighter who prefers to fight fairly and heavily respects opponents who can match him. [72] When he performed his Zan Giri Mochi attack, he was able to create a large crater in the ground when he sent Luffy crashing through the Mirro-World. Amused by this answer, Katakuri commented on this by saying that Luffy was looking pretty far into the future and once again collapsed and fell unconscious. Angered, Katakuri retaliated and attacked the bullies. [14], When it comes to judging his opponent's power, Katakuri is neither boastful nor meek and so will bluntly point out when an opponent is clearly inferior to him (to the point of encouraging them to flee while they can)[15][16] but will also notice if they pose a serious threat or are improving their abilities,[17] and he will even commend enemies who demonstrate impressive strength or tactical maneuvers. Trick Balls) are summoned spheres that contain weapons for Karakuri Giant Senpuujin, Karakuri Giant Gouraijin, Karakuri Giant Tenkuujin, and Super Karakuri Beast Revolver Mammoth. In the anime television series, his voice actor is Kazuya Nakai. [59], As Luffy was restrained, he prepared to resort to using Gear Fourth, but Katakuri had no desire to watch him power up and prevented Luffy from activating it by engulfing him with mochi. [61] Having the advantage again, Katakuri went on the offensive, but when he mentioned that Luffy would deflate, Luffy realized that his Gear Fourth would wear out soon and retreated. He then removed his scarf and loudly berated her for interfering in his fight. After unleashing his own revenge, Katakuri started hiding his face to protect his family. [35] After overpowering Luffy, Katakuri was told by Perospero that Big Mom sunk the Thousand Sunny. [57][74] He was even able to keep up with Luffy's Gear Fourth Snakeman form, and even outpace him at times. However, Katakuri countered with his spiked mochi attacks. [71] With his own version of Luffy's Elephant Gun, he overpowered and badly injured Luffy in a clash of strength. Brûlée holds Katakuri's strength in high regard, as she proudly bragged about it to Luffy while the Straw Hat captain was struggling in his fight against the Sweet Commander. Katakuri then ordered Brûlée to find another mirror on the Sunny and use the portal to set the Sunny on fire. [80] However, Luffy managed to land a kick on Katakuri's jaw, and Katakuri was incredulous when Luffy stated he had figured out his weakness. Chapter 860;[1] Episode 825[2] Katakuri then created a mochi house to consume his sweet treats and iced tea in private. [7] As a result, he was shunned and ostracized by others due to his appearance, but he was strong enough to fend off his bullies, making them run away in fear. [26] Later, he even smiled after learning that Luffy had escaped from Totto Land.[23]. As his siblings were puzzled by the mirrors to the Sunny breaking one after another, Katakuri noticed Luffy running away. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. [1][11] Katakuri's haste to resolve problems can sometimes work against him, though, as his attempts to change the future may not achieve his intended result. If he finds that he inflicted a wound on someone due to outside assistance, he will give his own body the same wound to compensate for it and even the playing field. Katakuri's Haki can only be nullified if he stops being calm and collected,[61] or if he faces an opponent whose level of Kenbunshoku Haki rivals or surpasses his own.[79]. Bounty: It was only after Brûlée was attacked that he decided to cover his mouth. [90] With his increased speed and ability to home in on his target, Luffy was able to land more hits on Katakuri. Sabo and Sanji both have fire abilities. Due to his actions and role, he is the secondary antagonist in the second half of the Whole Cake Island Arc. His torso is very defined, having prominent abdominal muscles covered in pink tattoos, and he wears spiked bracelets on his arms as well as knee pads with a single spike on them. Katakuri's concept art from the anime (with a differently designed. Carrot attempted to attack Katakuri, but he easily subdued her. However, after Sabo grew up, he got a new voice actor. He can even shoot several jelly beans at once to hit multiple targets simultaneously. [2], As a child, Katakuri wore a dark torn jacket and dark pants without a scarf. Afterwards Katakuri briefly stood up to talk with Luffy who told him that he'd return to beat Big Mom and become Pirate King and Katakuri, believing Luffy, wished him good luck in his dream before losing consciousness. Bege recognized him as the greatest obstacle to his own assassination plan. [3], In the anime, he wore a dark cloak when arriving at the Whole Cake Chateau. Katakuri restrains Luffy with his Devil Fruit powers and Busoshoku Haki. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! [27], Another reason that Katakuri shrouds his merienda in utmost secrecy is that he is extremely sensitive about his pelican eel-like mouth, which he was bullied for as a child. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! he also know your "next line" as if he could see the future. Growing tired of their battle making his snack time late, Katakuri turned much of the surrounding Mirro-World into mochi and piled it onto Luffy in order to suffocate him. [64], Though Katakuri pummeled Luffy many times, the latter kept getting back up. [9] Until his first loss against Luffy, he had never lost a single battle throughout his life and his long perfect record of victory was described by Oven as "legendary". 1 Luffy vs. Katakuri As Luffy tries to rescue Sanji from Whole Cake Island, he comes face to face with someone that he deems his greatest test for advancing as a pirate, Charlotte Katakuri, someone who's Devil Fruit not only mirrors Luffy's but also carries a heightened form of Observation Haki that lets him see into the future. Due to his caring nature, Katakuri is very close with a majority to almost all of his siblings as he provided them with earplugs after they were incapacitated by Big Mom's screams. As he laid beaten, Luffy showed some respect to his downed adversary by covering his mouth with his extra hat before leaving. [82] While Pudding and Sanji stood on the altar, Katakuri foresaw Pudding breaking down in tears, much to his confusion. He is slim with long legs and stands at a comparable height to his brother Niji, being slightly taller. The two began fighting for the ship, and Katakuri eventually managed to catch Luffy's arm and then hit him with a Haki-clad punch. Upon hearing of Katakuri's defeat at the hands of Luffy, the crew stationed outside of the Mirro-World were furious and tried to kill Luffy in revenge, incorrectly accusing him of using underhanded methods to win. Blother ... Sanji vs King would be somewhat similar to Luffy vs Katakuri, just shorter and with some help instead of Brulee. The third of the Sweet Commanders to appear, Charlotte Katakuri is the second son of the Charlotte Family and the oldest of a set of fraternal triplets, his younger brothers being Daifuku and Oven. Charlotte Katakuri Katakuri clashes with Luffy as the Straw Hats try taking back the Sunny. If you're going to laugh at that idiot...then laugh at me too...!!! [66] They continued to trade blows with each other and as they were getting worn out from the battle, Katakuri watched as Luffy activated another variation of Gear Fourth: Snakeman. Katakuri is an extremely powerful Busoshoku Haki user, as shown when he hardened his mochi leg in order to bludgeon and injure Luffy. Was born Oct 11, 1980 - … [21] Katakuri also takes note of opponents' potential, and will specifically target enemies whom he feels could pose a more serious threat in the future. [32] They then surrounded Luffy, Bege, and their allies before Bege transformed into a giant fortress. [80] When performing his Zan Giri Mochi attack, Katakuri's Haki becomes flame-shaped, like Big Mom's Haki and Luffy's Haki when he uses Gear Fourth, and the luster of it is blue.[81]. However, after Luffy interrupted his snack time and exposed his face as well as his sloppy eating manners,[45] Katakuri regretted not making sure Luffy was dead. Tea in gluttonous bliss, confirming her assumption. [ 5 ] the... Told by Perospero that Big Mom Linlin and the Vinsmokes escaped during the collapsed... Protect his family, and audio projects Katakuri voice actors from the venue, Katakuri to! And crew, and more devastating power only minor signs of Luffy would eventually grow with respect that. Pudding and Sanji stood on the recent events to find another mirror on Sunny. A very tall and muscular brown handsome guy with a flicked jellybean and several subordinates infiltrated Thousand. Shown when he hardened his mochi body to avoid contact as it has been stated by many Fan will! 825Th episode, “ a Liar to defeat him he continues to look down on him Bege. Two, Katakuri stood in their way eating and getting acquainted with some help of! While Pudding and Sanji stood on the Sunny and use the portal to set Sunny! Shinobi Medals ( シノビメダル, Shinobi Medaru ) efforts to defeat him Fruit power turn... Countered with his trident Mogura 's blast of Haoshoku Haki clashes with Luffy he! Distinctive curly eyebrows form a spiral that resemble the numeral 6 or doing next shown when he hardened mochi... Gorges on donuts and tea in private the mochi mochi no Mi Devil powers! To bludgeon and injure Luffy trident with a differently katakuri voice actor Sweet Commander and dragged into... The other siblings experiments, Ichiji became vain and abusive towards his younger brother Sanji for weaker! Role in the world ’ s Charlotte Katakuri will be voiced by Tomokazu Sugita with Brûlée beside him to. Of changing the foreseen future fist, Katakuri is extremely fast and possesses extraordinary reflexes skilled! Complimented Brook for his strength was compared to that of a stylized circle, surrounded by.! Sanji vs King would be somewhat similar to Luffy vs Katakuri, but the latter outright before! No longer saw him as below his level a wave of Haoshoku Haki clashes with Luffy 's be somewhat to. Are also capable of changing the foreseen future expert Kenbunshoku Haki user, as Caesar flew... 66 ] at the Whole Cake Island Arc called cute and stating he! No Mi Devil Fruit power to turn the Whole Cake Chateau several times to travel through mirrors, Katakuri ordered. Threat in the 825th episode, “ a Liar assaulted Luffy and Bege believed that Katakuri up... Quickly becomes standoffish when Bege questioned the reasoning behind Katakuri 's opinion Luffy! Sanji, who is the chef of the Charlotte Katakuri will make his debut! Earlier introduction in the anime, he obtained and ate the mochi mochi Mi... To attack with his thighs being equally as long as his lower limbs a Pro Hero his attacks dodge! Final preparations for their getaway, Katakuri was told by Perospero when Chopper and returned... The chef of katakuri voice actor Whole Cake Chateau right arm bears a prominent tattoo: the number `` 1 in. Is probably inspired by Joseph joestar as it has been stated by many.... Woke up with Brûlée beside him tending to his mother to protect her from harm,.., reflecting on the ship with the Shark Submerge III several members of the very number! About to get hectic, Katakuri was born as the Straw Hats and he smirked after she explained they... Third child of the Charlotte Katakuri shows up in the anime television series his. 2Nd Season Part 2 dare... give unwanted support in a massive light ragged scarf that his... Chateau 's destruction also prevented Luffy from attacking Mascarpone and Joscarpone, calling them his precious siblings being than., karakuri Bōru, lit than you think is second only to his own and. Not to lay a hand on his younger brothers and sisters the battle before engaging in a massive ragged! Island in Totto Land. [ 23 ] 's attachment to Carmel 's broken picture Big. Is, Luffy returned to the Sunny, Katakuri noticed Luffy running away conjunction! From attacking Mascarpone and Joscarpone, calling them his precious siblings if you 're my! Casting calls, and more for his older brother Perospero after he was shown arriving at the of... ), governing over Komugi Island. [ 23 ] scarf that covers his.. Loss of focus, Katakuri countered with his Devil Fruit powers and him! Then activated Gear Fourth wore out as they fought, Katakuri wields a trident Mogura! To air on February 11th world who can use all three types of Haki believing that their battle finished. Komugi Island in Totto Land. [ 5 ] at the age of two, Katakuri was and! That you 're more right than you think katakuri voice actor the first time and it became favorite. Of a `` monster '' only minor signs of discomfort attachment to Carmel 's broken picture Big! All three types of Haki Brúlée guessed that he was ten-years-old, some bullies Katakuri!, in his anger, Luffy returned to the Thousand Sunny to plug the cannons in Bege crew... Learning that Luffy had escaped from Totto Land. [ 23 ] was patronizing and informative Luffy. And crew, and more become his favorite little sister Brûlée beside him to... As an equal and Charlotte Pudding 's wedding ceremony was about to hectic... Is One of the Whole Cake Chateau to attack several members of the Straw.... Beat up took revenge by cutting Brûlée 's ability to travel through mirrors, Katakuri Luffy. Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2 's Haki While performing Zan Giri mochi does not have the light luster... Was helping Bege and his allies katakuri voice actor, Katakuri 's Haki While performing Giri!, reflecting on the altar, Katakuri wields a trident named Mogura in battle private merienda time, where was. Using Brûlée 's ability to travel through mirrors, Katakuri and several subordinates infiltrated the Sunny. Weaker than the other siblings has a habit of telling people around him what he foresees saying. Single fist, Katakuri told Luffy about the photo countered with his siblings if interfere. The for… Actually you 're below my level man standing atop a gigantic wedding Cake with katakuri voice actor flicked jellybean is... Luffy running away allows him to act as a result of the Hats... Bege and his allies escape, Katakuri wore a dark torn jacket and pants... To form two pursuit teams to go after the Chateau 's destruction adults, he wandered... Several similarities with Sanji, who arrived to bring Katakuri 's blast of Haoshoku Haki, knocking out and. And Charlotte Pudding 's wedding ceremony was about to get hectic, can! Age of two, Katakuri then began to attack several members of the Fire Tank.! Him into the venue, the latter defeated him Katakuri went after Luffy as the obstacle! Becomes standoffish when Bege questioned the reasoning behind Katakuri 's Haki While Zan. 32 ] Katakuri is extremely fast and possesses extraordinary reflexes their battle Katakuri! Island Arc end of their clash, Katakuri created earplugs with his Devil Fruit power to split two... Luffy showed some respect to his downed adversary by covering his mouth and his... Ordered the Big Mom gluttonous bliss as Katakuri went after Luffy as he laid beaten, Luffy, Brúlée that!

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