Call us for a quote: +44 (0)1782 339320. All metal work must be either galvanised or powder coated. English; 02 / 04. Visit any sheep operation in England, Australia or New Zealand and you will find such setups—be it mobile or fixed. H andling sheep both at home or away will be made easier with a reliable mobile yard. Augherskilly, Ballyconnell, The Main Shepherdsmate Mobile Sheep Handling Race features the following: The main unit is 2.4m long with a 2.4m lead in ramp fitted with non-return flaps 3 Way Drafting Gates, one-hand operation – leaving second hand free to manually check sheep Sheep are standing at hand height – minimises risk of back strain This stops sheep getting distracted by other sheep. 6ft sheep pull along hurdles idea for sheep race and handling systems weight 14kg each Price plus vat. The vertical slots could do with being a touch higher, so you can let a sheep through without the gate coming away from the slot. To achieve the best design, farmers are advised to visit other sheep farms to see handling systems in action, finding out what works and how things can be improved. specialise in Cattle Handling Equipment, we design and build Squeeze Crushes, Weigh Crushes and both Mobile and Static handling systems. Cattle Products. Fixed Sheep Handling Systems: Fixed sheep handling system consisting of a gathering pen, forcing pen, drafting race, dosing race, side pens and the ability to fit plastic footbath. The modular nature of standard components makes it easy to design either your own full layout or to start with a simple basic idea that can be added to as and when circumstance dictates. £100.00 postage. Finance options, trade in's and on farm demonstrations available. TAMS II first opened in June 2015 and is set to run until December 2020. Cattle handling is easy with the correct handling equipment, very few items stay on a livestock farm as long as a cattle crush so its best to invest in the best. everyone says that the prattley is the rolls royce of the lot.was the only one i considered when buying.probably be some good deals being done on a new product just to get them about. Sheep Products. Access for dogs is also important, but the approaching sheep must be scre… Below, Mr Egan addresses some key questions about designing a sheep handling system. £3,337: SG29 Sponsored. System capable of holding a minimum of 100 sheep. This mobile, versatile system offers on-the-spot animal treatment. TAMS II aims to provide farmers with grant aid to improve and/or build a specific range of farm buildings or purchase equipment that may benefit their farm businesses. Mobile Sheep Handling System (with joining pins) £7,198.80. WORK FOR US. OK. "http:":"https:";if(/^\/{2}/.test(s)&&(s=a+s),window[i]&&window[i].initialized)window[i].process&&window[i].process();else if(!e.getElementById(n)){var r=e.createElement(t);r.async=1,,r.src=s,d.parentNode.insertBefore(r,d)}}(document,"script","infogram-async","//"); While dosing can be undertaken in a larger pen, a dedicated dosing race can speed up the job. !function(e,t,n,s){var i="InfogramEmbeds",o=e.getElementsByTagName(t),d=o[0],a=/^http:/.test(e.location)? Basic `Hour Glass` Style Sheep Handling Unit. This is according to Teagasc sheep adviser Edward Egan, author of the Teagasc publication A Guide to Designing a Sheep Handling Unit (free PDF). Handling Systems - Premier1Supplies Sheep Guide Why all producers need a handling system… It never ceases to amaze us that so few US sheep producers have serious handling setups—and fewer still have a good one. TWO mobile sheep handling systems, designed to meet the needs of smaller flock owners and new entrants to sheep keeping, have been launched by Fearing. Road legal trailer, fitted with road tyres for moving from farm to farm, Hydraulic pump system used to raise and lower handling race, Shepherdsmate, Sheep System A is approximately 10000mm long x 5000mm wide holding 40-60 animals, Sheeted race can be tapered if required when working on lambs. This advert is … 15ft x 5ft part sheeted rail hurdles. Used. Available for immediate collection or prompt delivery. This website uses cookies, as explained in our Cookies Policy. Easily assembled and dismantled, Alligator is suitable for use on all terrains. The boundaries of pens should be solid. For more information visit: It should be big enough to hold 20% of the collected flock, to save time refilling and still allow easy movement of sheep, Ideally, forcing pens should be semi-circular with three hung gates on a centre post, Entry angle to the race should be at 30deg if it is funnel-shaped, channelling sheep into the race by being wider at the start and narrowing towards the exit gate, If your using a circular forcing pen it should be 3.6m in diameter for a 150-ewe flock or 4.88m in diameter for larger flocks, Boundary fences around the outside of the pen should be at least 1.25m high, Internal fences should be at least 1m high, A narrow drafting race for sorting, 45-50cm wide, A wider dosing race for treating sheep and checking ewes’ udders, 75-80cm wide, At least one side gate at the rear of the dosing race is recommended to allow treated sheep to exit into a pen, A 6m x 80cm dosing race holds roughly 16 ewes and a 6m x 50cm race holds nine ewes, A width of 75-80cm is ideal where a handler works alone inside the dosing race. Mobile Sheep Handling Systems Our “Romney Ranger” Mobile Sheep Race was launched in the Spring of 2015 For all routine work inc drenching, drafting, mouthing etc and with various hurdle options and a weigh facility available! A drafting race should be central, easily accessible and long enough to allow “looking time”, which is particularly important when drafting three ways or more. Basis points will be available for this session. Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling Systems have been helping British and International farmers since 1990. Designed and built for ‘Scotpen Quality’ in preference to quantity, the bars and panels are specially designed for strength and durability. How to design the best sheep handling system - Farmers Weekly Collecting pens should be 3-4.6m wide to prevent sheep retreating past the handler. View Products. Farmers and growers in England with more than 50 employees can register to be provided with free Covid-19 testing kits, as part of efforts to guarantee the nation’s food supplies.…, After a shaky start, we have now completed planting our 20ha of agroforestry with just over 3,500 trees. We have a range of equipment available for hire including 40 tonne cranes, 16metre lift fork lifts and scissor lifts. Fast, efficient and proven technology with trustworthy back up support.

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