I can’t find any of these books at an independent bookstore. More of an amusing and silly turkey adventure rather than a serious Thanksgiving tale, this book is easy for beginning readers with its "gobble gobble wibble wobble" rhyming goodness and charismatic illustrations. Find us on social media!
. Grandpa is thankful for Grandmother’s love. The Great Thanksgiving Escape, Mark Fearing. It includes 21 stories about preparing and eating Thanksgiving dinner, As well as other holiday traditions, and even Black Friday shopping. In the end, there is a glorious feast, general merriment, and some good stories to share around the campfire. The Great Thanksgiving Escape is, in our opinion, the funniest Thanksgiving book EVER. Happy Thanksgiving card first is the winner. A Turkey for Thanksgiving. Gah, I didn’t even think of it!, I don’t suppose I’ve ever encountered a Thanksgiving book, aside from the traditional pilgrims and Indians stories, which just makes things kinda awkward thanks to a little more historical awareness. Delightful Thanksgiving Books for Children. , these are all great suggestions to be reading to our little one this year for the hoidays, Lol what a cute post! Below is a list of 15 books, divided into three age-categories for you to choose from for making Thanksgiving more fun and memorable for your children. Every time the other team laughs, you get the point. Dav Pilkey didn’t have it easy as a child.